The T​-​D​-​R​-​Co Sound: Three Comps and a Baby

by Various Artists


This CD ONLY 2-disc set collects three Ten Dollar Recording Co.
compilations that were initially released digital-only in 2020:

The T-D-R-Co Sound: Underground Pop, Folk Boogie, & Neo Dub Collection

The T-D-R-Co Sound: Cooking For Today Collection

Ten Dollar Friday Night

1 The Dirty Rags “Daddy Cakes”
2 The Hot Breath “A Smelly Invitation”
3 Mo Douglas “Thick Dip”
4 Mariya May “On Your Heels”
5 Reed Burnam “Collected Summer (Equinox Version)”
6 Chance Wiesner “Plastic Flower Factory (A Cappella)”
7 Mariya May “Why When Love is Gone”
8 Chance Wiesner “Tasteless Pace”
9 Thomas Mudrick “Try again (2020 Dub)”
10 Chance Wiesner “Wandering One (A Cappella)”
11 The Ass Nuggets “She's Heard Your Bullshit”
12 Mariya May “Catch The Wind (A Cappella)”
13 Prince Joely “Cool & Mellow (Evening)”
14 Good & Cool “Everyday Meals”
15 Reed Burnam “Truck Stop Coffee”
16 Mariya May “Let it Pull Me”
17 Ryan Michael Block “Garnish Each Dish”
18 Mariya May “I Remember (A Cappella)”
19 Reed Burnam “My Life in Pictures”

1 Chance Wiesner “I'm Taking Breakfast Time”
2 Mariya May “Bells Ring (A Cappella)”
3 What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance “Still Believe it”
4 Chance Wiesner “Peaceful Paunch”
5 Mariya May “Up and Down My Spine”
6 Mo Douglas “Dub Reiteration”
7 Mariya May “Flute's Upside Ya Head, Pt.2”
8 What in Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance “Round and Round We Go”
9 Good & Cool “Interplanetary Tête-à-Tête (Visit 1)”
10 Chance Wiesner “Riding High on a Big Fat Cat”
11 Reed Burnam “Ann Arbor, 1963”
12 Mariya May “There's a Fire”
13 Chance Wiesner “Wiesner's First Light”
14 Good & Cool “Funky Hindsight 2020”
15 Mariya May “You're Twisting”
16 Reed Burnam “Nothing Left”
17 Chance Wiesner “Bring The Hair”
18 Mariya May “Gotta Throw it”
19 Good & Cool “Interplanetary Tête-à-Tête (Visit 2)”
20 Prince Joely “Swimmer & Swerve”


released September 25, 2020



Ten Dollar Recording Co. Portland, Oregon

Homegrown Cascadian psych, lush neo-soul, organic dub, late-night closet rock, freak-folk, soundscapist collage, and other musical experiments

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